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We are a group of passionate explorers  who lived abroad and moved back to our beautiful and old city of Kyiv.  We are here to help you discover Kyiv's arts and culture and to explore this city with us.

Kyiv has a lot to offer and as an expat sometimes it is challenging to find valuable information in English so Kyiv Agenda team is here to help with that.


have poor or none of English translation to make it more available and

accessible to the international community.

We decided to help with that to the expat community here and some our friends

who often need an advice on translation. 

That is how the idea of this webpage was found.

This service is based on the desire to make cultural life of every expat fuller of events and facts about Ukraine. 

We will try our best to keep up our mission with publishing most interesting, spectacular and not to be missed events here in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. 


We are open to your suggestions and feedback to improve our service.


Thank you.

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Photo credit Sergey Ristenko

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